Chivalry is Dead


Scene 1

You(woman) are meeting a date(man). You’ve been texting and hitting it off. Finally, you get the chance to meet up. At some point this happens after he pays the bill.

Him: I’ll drop you off.

You: Thank you.

**At your place

Him: Can I come up?

You: No.

Scene 2

You (woman) are meeting a date (man). You’ve been texting and hitting it off. Finally, you get the chance to meet up. At some point this happens:

Him: Excuse me, can we get separate checks.

You:. . .

In both of these scenarios there is an expectation of the man or woman that is not met. In the first, the man does as he is “supposed” to and pays for the meal. However, the woman does not as she declines his invitation. In the second, the man fails to pay for the entire portion of the meal. The point being if you assume he is going to pay then he will assume you will put out. Not always the case, I understand. Let’s try another example:

It’s cold outside. You (man) have a jacket on. Your date (woman) has a small sweater.

Her: I’m cold.

You: We’re almost there.

I love this example. Women are always quick to frown and pout. They are quick to shame the man for not providing his jacket. First of all, if it’s cold outside wear a fucking jacket! Fashion before function means nothing! Second of all, if the roles were reversed you, as a woman, wouldn’t think twice about offering him your jacket. Not only because it may not fit him but because you assume he should tough it out.

There’s been this whole notion that chivalry should still be practiced. Chivalry is dead. Women killed it. We killed it when we chose to have rights as women. We killed it when we chose not to be treated as property. We killed it when we decided we would much rather fend for ourselves that have to deal with another misogynistic asshole for one more second! Don’t expect the man to pay! Don’t get mad at him for not giving you his jacket! You’re a woman! We live in the 21st century for fuck’s sake! Chivalry was back when men needed to protect women. Now, men need to respect women.

Personally, I pay for myself if not the whole date. I take out my men. It’s a way of presenting myself. I want them to know I’m more than capable of taking care of myself. The majority of the time the men didn’t like it and we stopped talking. However, I feel it’s better that way. It helps me weed out the weak men. I don’t want a man that will make me pay for everything. I don’t want a man that will pay for everything either. The first adds responsibility I don’t need. The second makes me lazy and I’m relying on someone else to maintain me. I’d much rather someone I can trust. Someone whom I can take out to eat and who I know will do the same. The kind that knows that I’m broke at the moment but as soon as I get paid I’m going to spoil him. The one thing I’ve learned from taking guys out is that they like to get spoiled too, and if you do it right they’ll spoil you right back. And that is a trend I would like to start.

Let me know what you ladies think. Post your experiences after you’ve taken out a man. Even if he gets mad, I’d like to hear it.


2 thoughts on “Chivalry is Dead

  1. CHIVALRY is not dead u just have to find the right person, who will do both be the guy u who wants to pay for everything ,and the guy who doesn’t mind his girl paying from time to time.


    1. You’re missing the point. Chivalry was created to protect women when we were property. We aren’t property anymore. We don’t need chivalrous men we need respectful men.


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