TV Relationship

Korean Dramas is the new Novela

If you’re anything like me your greatest relationship is between you and Netflix. It makes sense since I grew up watching Novelas or Spanish Dramas to pass the time. They always had the same outline. A man falls in love with a woman, there is something or someone keeping them both apart, and after a whole lot of bullshit they finally got together. You’d think that was the end but then there was more shit after they were married. It went on for what seemed like forever. You missed one show, you missed the entire storyline. Korean Dramas are and aren’t like that. The first Korean Drama I ever watched was Boys over Flowers. It was such a cute show. It was about a high school girl who decided to stand up to the bullies and the leader of the group fell in love with her. It was so cute and sweet that I was hooked. Here’s five reasons you might want to start watching Korean Dramas

  1. The shows are short

    American shows always have multiple seasons. You always have to wait a year before the next season comes out, and then you have to wait for each episode. Even if you binge on Netflix you have to wait for each season to be released. Korean dramas are not like that. They go for one season only with about 15-30 episodes and a running time of 30 to 45 min. The longest drama I know of is “You Are My Destiny” with 178 episodes total. It’s a quick weekend binge for sure!

  2. The romance is old-fashioned

    Just because they’re short doesn’t make them any less entertaining! There’s always a mystery and a lot of humor! The thing I love the most is the romance. It isn’t a soft porn with women getting undressed every five minutes. They bring back hand holding and beautiful words. The kiss scenes will have you reminiscing about your first love and give you butterflies all over again. If you have a boo, I definitely recommend cuddling up with him for it. He might learn something.

  3. There’s always food!

    I am a major foodie! Wings, burgers, pizza, tacos, you name it I’ll fucking eat it! These shows always have amazing dishes! If you ever need a dinner idea just watch any Korean Drama. The women are always out at night having a quick bite. They promote a healthy lifestyle as well. If you don’t know how to cook, you’ll definitely learn watching Korean Dramas! They always make simple breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes that look so good. I definitely don’t recommend you watching when you’re hungry!

  4. Learn a new language

    Did you know that ‘Friends’ is the number one show Asians watch to learn English? Watching shows in a different language can help you in learning a new language. Korean language is very sophisticated and beautiful. I haven’t learned how to write or read it, but there are common phrases I can understand now. Even my kids are starting to understand Korean.

  5. Woman Lead

    This is the last reason and certainly my most favorite. The lead is almost always a female and she isn’t some weak sappy person either. The episode may deal with personal transformation or relationships but the woman is always portrayed as strong and defiant. There is a variety of feminine representation, it won’t take you long before you find yourself reflected in one of the characters. I personally always feel connected to the one who eats a lot.

I truly hope you try to watch at least one show after reading this. If you don’t know where to start I’ve listed a couple of my favorites below:

  • Fantastic
    • A woman finds out she has cancer and love finds her.
  • Let’s Eat 1&2
    • This just has great food scenes
  • In Need of Romance (all three)
    • There’s three different shows with different stories. There’s romance with a life lesson in each one.
  • Strong Girl Bong-Soon
    • A rom-com about a woman who inherits incredible strength.
  • Oh My Ghost
    • This is a mystery. There’s a spirit of a woman and woman medium that work together to live life just a little bit more.
  • Hello My Twenties
    • This is a must watch. It has multiple stories as roommates come together as friends.
  • Good Morning Call
    • This is a high school romance show. The girl can be a little annoying but the story is still kinda cute.
  • CSIC
    • If you like Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, or any of the like you’ll enjoy the Asian version.
  • Chosen
    • This one I’m not gonna say anything other than watch it!
  • Black
    • Kinda creepy but it’s about a woman who can see death and a man who gets possessed by Death.

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