Single Mom Myths

Myth 1: Single Moms got pregnant through casual sex

Fact: Single parents were romantically involved with their partner when the child was conceived. Married or not, most parents were at least dating and/or living with their partner. I was with Yoshi’s father for four years before he was born. Just because I have never been married doesn’t mean my kids were a result of a casual encounter. In fact most of the single parents I know have kids as a result of an ex they were in a relationship with.


Myth 2: Single Moms are easy dates

Fact: News flash! Just because we had kids doesn’t make us any less respectable! It isn’t like I got knocked up and became a prostitute. Yes, we’ve probably had tons of sex. . .with one guy! And we’re not with him anymore! If you’re trying to replace him in the bedroom it’s going to take a lot more than some cock shots and some lame excuse you came up with to talk to us.

We’re moms now. We don’t have time for our kids bullshit, what makes you think we have time for yours? I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen or heard the horror stories of men thinking single moms are easy. When I ask men why they can’t take us seriously it’s a series of negative responses. The most common being that we have kids. I don’t understand that logic.

Myth 3: Single Moms are in Need of Rescue

Fact: What single moms need is never going to be another man to take care of us!  I know for a fact all I need most nights is a glass of wine, a soft blanket, and a Korean Drama (don’t judge). Single moms  had a man before and it didn’t work out. We have worked hard to get where we are and we’re not going to give it up for a dick and two balls. Single moms have to work twice as hard at work because they are females. Then they have to work just as hard at home because they are the mom and the dad.  We’re not looking for a man to take all our problems away. I feel as though most people assume we need help because of all the things we have going on. I’m sorry I didn’t know that asking my sister to pick up the boys after school was a cry for help.

Myth 4: Single Moms are Bad Moms

Fact: Moms are moms. There is no one way to parent. If there was we wouldn’t have a problem. Just because you like to stay home and be with your child night and day does not make us any worse for going to work. We are a single income household. We teach our child independence and adaptability. We are bad moms (parents) in general if the kid is neglected. Neglect is a choice. Single moms aren’t choosing to stay away from their kids. They need to in order to work in order to provide for their family. Some might ask, where’s the father? Yes, indeed, where is the father? Why don’t you go find him and ask him? We don’t have time to go chasing waterfalls. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and little Taytay has to be at baseball practice at 6, okay?! It’s one parent but double the love and care!

Myth 5: Single Moms want your man

Fact: First of all, I got rid of my man, who is a lot like your man, so why would I want his double? As a single mom, I’m not hunting for a father figure amongst the many men that are already in a relationship. I may admire your husband for his devotion to his family but I’m not thinking of taking him from you. I take that small quality of his and stick it to the ideal man I may or may not have in mind. As for everything else, baby you can keep him okay. Don’t worry about what I’m doing, because if a man wants to leave you believe me he will. He won’t need help from any single mom to do it.

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