Mother’s Day Poem

There was a boy who was so small
He thought he didn’t have a mom at all
And when his life went up in smoke
He took it all as one big joke
And yet, the time did come one day
When he should think one simple way
So many choices he had to make
He assumed it would be a piece of cake.
He stood afraid of what was to come
When from the shadows came his mum
“Dear boy, what is that you fear?”
“Madame, what are you doing here?”
“I’ve always been by your side,
From time to time I’ve had to hide.
I’ve been the voice inside your head.”
“All this time I thought you dead!”
“No my child, I’ve been near.
Watching close but keeping clear.”
“But why, mom, would you ever leave me?
“My son, I could not be close you see…
I can only be your guide so long,
Then I’m afraid I will be gone.”
“But mother, you cannot leave me!”
“Gone, I never was nor will I ever be.
You’ll hear my wisdom and my voice,
And that should guide my son’s choice.
You will be successful, I do not fear.”
“But still I wish you could stay here.”
“I will remain inside your heart,
For a mother’s love never parts.”
I share this for my mothers dear,
And for those who are not near.
Do not fret and do not cry,
A mother’s love will never die.
Happy mother’s day.

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