Blog Update – Further Thoughts

I want to post my own two-cents as a follow up to Lina’s ‘Blog Update’ post from Monday.

Anytime someone starts writing about their own journey towards a specific goal, the writing is going to be personal. In this case, because of the nature of our blog and the fact that we are attempting to make changes in our lives, the writing may come across as though it’s therapeutic in nature meaning that some might interpret specific posts as efforts to heal. While to a degree, that’s true, as almost any form of creative outlet can be therapeutic to a certain extent, the purpose of our more serious posts is to provide our readers with background information and context so they can get to know us and understand where we are coming from; so that our readers can understand why we are going through this process of self-change. Some of these blog posts may take on a depressing tone, but our blog is not meant to be a site where we air our grievances. Our site is meant to be a place of inspiration, but, as we are still in the process of taking steps to get to the finish line, some of our most recent posts have been focused on where we’ve come from, rather than on where we are going.

You all know that making significant life changes takes time. Both Lina and I have things on our 30-Before-30 lists that require developing habits or changing behaviors over time. Since we are at the beginning phases of this, and since neither of our work schedules have yet allowed us to do some of the more simple and easily accomplished activities, like sky-diving (stay tuned!), we haven’t been able to post as much about our accomplishments from that list and have instead chosen to focus on some of the groundwork stories that got us to this point in the first place. That being said, once we gain some momentum, I’m sure you will see that our posts take on a more positive tone. Both of us are determined to improve our lives and move forward, not dwell on the past or continue negative cycles.

I want to address something else here, too. My ‘daily struggles’ that Lina referred to are all too real, but lately the majority of them have been related to starting a new job. It doesn’t leave me much time to write and I’ve only been able to really focus on writing a few, rather heavy posts. Although prolific, I haven’t posted nearly as much as I would have liked. Going forward, I will be much more present. I think Lina has felt the need to make up for my absence by writing about a wide variety of topics. But in a way, that’s a good thing, because it goes to show you how enthusiastic and committed she is to making her life-long dream of becoming a writer a reality. Isn’t that the entire purpose of our blog and our 30-Before-30 adventure? To live our dreams.

Yes. It is.

I’ll sign off here but to circle back around one last time, although the content will get better as we continue our journeys and make progress on our lists, I don’t want to sugar-coat anything and say that all of our future posts will avoid tough topics. We as individuals, have been through a lot. So have all of you. Challenges help you grow. So, some of these posts may continue to sound ‘therapeutic in nature’. But really, we are telling our stories so that we can relate to YOU. Or maybe, so that you can relate to us.  And we will not shy away from those stories like many other bloggers do. Aren’t you sick of the blog posts that make it seem like everything is so easy? Lollipops, puppies and rainbows… that’s not life. And we will be real with you. You can be concerned if you feel like you need to be, but just know, us being real is nothing more than us being honest. We choose to share it because we are strong enough to and because, setbacks and all, both of us have moved beyond it.

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