Getting the Promotion

I’m not the type of person who can write this out with documents and data. All I have is my experience and my thoughts. I’m not a fucking TedTalk guide. That being said I’ve made a list of Do’s and Don’t’s to help you.



  • Write 3 career goals for 6mos, 1 yr, & 5 yrs.

    Remember that interview question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” It’s time to bring that shit up again. Technically you should be writing goals for your career, your finances, and yourself. And just because you write it down once doesn’t mean that’s it. Try and revisit your goals ever 6 mos, 1 yr, & 5yrs. It helps your mind stay focused and lets you keep track of your life. Ultimately you are responsible for whether you actually complete your goals.

  • Start paying attention to your company.

    Y’know those boring ass company meetings with monthly or weekly announcements about the business and how it’s doing? Yeah, you want to start listening and trying to understand what the fuck they’re saying. You can’t move up in the company if you don’t understand shit about it. You can start being a little bit more progressive and actually investing your personal time in learning about it. During the meetings feel free to make yourself known. Don’t be like me and shout out a bunch of nonsense. If you want people to notice you make sure it’s for the right things. Be brave. Share your ideas.

  • Become completely indispensable

    I’m a woman with 2 kids. I’m last in line to any throne because of that. Not to say that a promotion for someone like me isn’t available it’s just more difficult. In my case, I have to become someone they’d rather risk keeping than risk losing. The job is everything and then you and then your kids, kinda. A promotion comes with more responsibility if you can’t take that on then is it really right for you? I’m not saying sacrifice your social life and a job that forces its business before its employees isn’t one I’d recommend staying in. However, it may be your time to volunteer to take on the project nobody wants. You can also try opening your fucking mouth and asking for more responsibility. Push yourself to the limit.

  • Ask don’t demand.

    Usually, when I hear someone talking about a promotion they act as if it is owed to them. Millenials are under fire over such entitled behavior. We all know the world doesn’t owe us shit. Instead, take a proactive approach. Ask a manager, supervisor, team lead, or someone high up what you can do to become a better candidate. This does a lot for you. It flatters the person you’re asking because they finally feel loved. Jk. The person you ask will take it as a compliment that you’re choosing to learn from them. It also allows higher-ups to know that you are interested in the position as well as staying with the company. It also does help to learn from your mentors. I know some managers may seem stupid but they still get to boss you around, so really who’s the stupid one?

  • Learn to Negotiate

    Everything in a job is negotiable until they say it isn’t. Take this one to heart. If they come to you with an offer, don’t accept right away. I know it may be exciting and you’ve been waiting on this forever. But it’s okay to think it over. It’s okay to read the offer and submit a counteroffer. Give a little, take a little. Maybe they give you a low salary but you get to work from. Whatever it is, be sure to think about it. If you need someone’s advice try to ask a business person. Get different perspectives. Play the devil’s advocate and figure out different angles. Ultimately, you’re trying to figure out something that works for you and your company. If they value you as an employee they’ll give you what you ask. Don’t be an asshat and ask for the CEO position. Be reasonable and be smart about it. Make sure it’s worth it to you.


  • Burn bra’s not bridges.

    If you’re going to look for other jobs so that you can scare them with the old ‘I-got-a-job-offer-so-you-better-counter-or-you’ll-lose-me’ tactic, do it in a way that won’t compromise your relationship with your current job. Yeah, you hate the job, the people, or your boss. Or maybe you hate all of it, you still want to be cordial. Ever have a situation where you cuss someone out and then a few days later you have to ask them for a favor? It’s like that. Always leave in amicable terms. Or fucking try to at least. You can look for a job and keep it under your hat. This way if the negotiation goes wrong you have a plan b.

  • Don’t be irrational.

    You asked for the promotion and they gave it to someone else. Don’t start burning shit down! Take a breather. Ask why? Talk about your career path. There’s always an opportunity in failure. I don’t know anyone that acts like a spoiled brat because they didn’t get the promotion. If you didn’t get it, maybe it’s because they truly don’t believe you are a good fit for that role. Why not try a different career path? Just like love, if it was meant to be it will be. Just because you fail in one path doesn’t mean all lanes are closed. Try to remain optimistic and play to your strengths.

  • Don’t let your past define you

    After you’ve worked a while at a job you start to kinda catch a reputation. Don’t let that define who you are in that company. Hood Hands Lina can still become Supervisor, it will just take a little longer for the name to be forgotten. If you have a good rep, you’re golden. Everyone knows you’re trustworthy. You’re the golden child. The bad thing is you’ll have to surpass that with the promotion. You have to step up your game. If you have a bad rep, don’t fret. It’s just easier to get noticed when you start to improve. Once you start coming in on time and helping out, everyone will raise a brow. The bad thing is as soon as you fuck up, that rep will get worse. Everyone makes mistakes, just make sure you own it.

That’s all I have for you tonight. I try to make the Do’s longer than the Dont’s because I expect you to do more with the shit I tell you. As always I appreciate you taking the time to visit my page and reading my thoughts. Feel free to let me know what you think and if there’s any other advice you have for my readers that I may have missed. ❤

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