Lina’s Glossary

I wrote this list for my fellow readers. I tend to bring up some of the same names over and over again and I’d rather not keep introducing Shadow and Tequila. So, if you’re ever reading my posts and come across someone or something you don’t know I’d advise to check here first.


Shadow- Lina’s ex-boyfriend.

Tequila- Lina’s previous fling

       Instagram- Guy wanting to be Lina’s new sex guy

Yoshi- Lina’s oldest son.

Maki- Lina’s youngest son.

Kneecaps- Sex Guy

Wifey- Childhood friend

Work-Wife – Bff from work


Hand-me-down- Term used when in a relation within an ex’s group of friends. (ex. Bill and Mike are friends. Natalie is Bill’s hand-me-down to Mike.)

Leftovers- Referring to an ex of a friend or family member that you decide to date.

Cuca- Another word for vagina